About Me


I take a slow ride on the back roads of our great country to see what people miss by not slowing down, and taking the time to look at God’s beautiful creations. I travel some paths that are well traveled, but some have been only seen by a very few. The paths I travel are sometimes nothing but animal trails, or beside a creek or river to show you what you miss by not taking the paths less traveled. I photograph many of the wild flowers of the areas, and the area itself.

I took up photography a long time ago, and left it for a while. I started again late 2013. And have hiked at the present time over 100 miles of very secluded areas, and photographed many things that even the locals have never seen, or even knew was there. Some are on private land, which I receive permission to travel on, and some are on public lands where anyone can travel. I leave a very small foot print where I go never disturbing the vegetation or the natural scenery itself.

I have dedicated my adventures to God because He is the one that has given me this talent, and the beauty that surrounds me. The next time you travel take a slow ride on our back roads. Stop by a stream hike its banks and see what God has blessed us with. Look around you what is in the woods in your backyard? Take a slow walk on the trails near you. It will do your heart, and mind good. Breath in God’s beauty and you will see what I see.